Importance of Industrial Air Compressor Lubrication

Air CompressorsThe quality and use of lubrication not only ensures industrial air compressors run on a good efficiency, but the unit’s lifespan can depend on it. A good lubricant can perform many tasks and prevent maintenance problems from occurring. A good quality industrial air compressor lubricant can remove compression heat, shield important parts without causing sludge or grime and protect the unit’s internal parts from rusting. Here are some keys to keep in mind when it comes to air compressor lubrication:

  • High quality synthetic fluids can lubricate much better and can hold up to harsh conditions. Higher quality lubrication can shield and protect without causing sludge or grime
  • To comply with the warranty, adhere to the manufacturer’s designated lubricant
  • The type of lubricant you use is dependent on the type of air compressor you have
  • Regularly change the lubricant in the air compressor as you would change the oil in your car. Refusal to change the lubricant frequently can result in filter blockage and generate sludge
  • Be sure to monitor the air compressor’s temperature and keep the filters clean

Always be aware of your manufacturer’s specifications and be sure to frequently change your air compressor’s oil as you would change the oil of a car. Refusal to change your air compressor’s oil can result in the buildup of sludge, filter blockage and internal parts of the unit being quickly replaced. This can incur thousands in maintenance and repair costs. 

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