Space Saving Air Compressor Systems for Small Facilities

Air Compressors

Finding a suitable air compressor that is compact while being able to deliver substantial capacity and pressure can be difficult. Space-saving air compressors use small, compact spaces and can meet your demands while reducing energy costs. They have many benefits, including:


  • User friendly controls
  • Sound damping enclosures (most systems)
  • Reliable source of compressed air for industry applications such as construction sites
  • Wide range of models and accessories
  • Saves space
  • Allows energy efficient, high quality air flow
  • Offer flexibility to relocate to temporary locations with quick, easy installations


The most common type of space-saving air compressors utilized in small facilities are reciprocating air compressors. They use positive displacement, or increasing air pressure by reducing it’s volume. They are available as air-cooled models and both lubricated and non-lubricated designs. They provide multiple capacity and pressure selections and are available in many standard and special order configurations, which include base-mounted and duplicated compressors.

A practical solution for small businesses and facilities, space-saving air compressor systems are an eco-friendly, energy efficient alternative that can provide the necessary functions of an air compressor while saving both space and energy costs.

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