Preventative Maintenance: How to Keep Your Air Compressor Running Smoothly

Description: Rotary Screw Air CompressorsRegular maintenance on your air compressors is the best way to ensure that they run well.  Maintenance tasks can be performed by in-house technicians or companies that will regularly service compressors for their clients.

What are Some Steps that can be Taken to Maintain Your Air Compressor?

  • Air filters should be inspected and cleaned weekly for best results.  Many can be shaken out to remove dust and debris and they should be changed completely each month.
  • Oil should be checked weekly and changed as needed.  Most compressors also have an oil filter that needs changed at regular intervals.
  • Inlet filters need inspected weekly and replaced as needed.
  • Piping and joints should be checked for air and water leaks.  Most air leaks are easy to fix.
  • Compressors should be kept clean.  Removing dirt and debris from the exterior of a unit helps keep the air filter clean. 
  • Belts should be inspected weekly for wear and tension and replaced when necessary.

It is not a bad idea to keep a log of inspection dates and services performed so that everyone in an organization knows the condition of an industrial compressor.
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