How Filters Keep Your Air Clean

Air FilterIt is extremely important to ensure that the air circulating within and around your air compressor is clean and healthy. Contaminants such as water vapor, oil and dust can pollute this air and destroy its competence. In order to prevent this issue, one has to invest in air filters, and have it installed; which can be a somewhat vexing task to undertake for some.

What do compressed air filters do?

  • Remove dust, oil and other impurities from the air
  • Protects your equipment and ensures its safety from contaminants

Compressor Intake Filter

This type of air filter blocks particles and removes any chemical contaminants. The filter allows compressed air to pass through while filtering out any water and oil droplets. The air then passes through to the Coalescing filter.

Coalescing Filter

This filter effectively removes oil and water droplets by draining them from the compressed air. It is also extremely operative at removing large solids from the air.

What should you keep in mind when choosing an air filter?

  • Specific manufacturer that the air compressor uses
  • Determine the filter element of your air compressor
  • Temperature of the environment where the filter will be in use

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