Buying a Pre-owned Air Compressor vs Buying a New One

When it comes to buying industrial sized air compressors, a pre-owned model often holds a lot more value than you might think. There are a number of different reasons why a pre-owned air compressor model is just as effective as a brand new one, and learning about this can give you an edge when you’re on the market. The air compressor experts at Aircenter, Inc. can also help you in determining which pre-owned models would best fit your specific needs.

Value of a Pre-Owned Model

  • Initial cost is almost always cheaper
  • Maintenance costs are the same compared to a brand new model
  • Many pre-owned models are still under warranty, reducing your buying risk
  • Most still contain all the necessary parts and accessories, and many even still have spares
  • Most pre-owned models  are still high-quality and not worn out due to the ruggedness of air compressors in general

What to Look for in a Pre-owned Air Compressor

  • Efficiency: is the machine still running at optimal efficiency
  • Missing parts: make sure your pre-owned model has all the right parts to run properly
  • Durability: take not of any signs of wear and tear on the machine
  • Maintenance: going along with efficiency, make sure that your pre-owned model does not have any glaring efficiency problems that would require above average maintenance costs