Popular Terms to Understand When Working with Air Compressors

Air CompressorWhen you are dealing with an air compressor, there might be a lot of technical words and parts of the compressor that you might not know or might be hard to understand. Knowing these terms are very important to ensure proper function of your air compressor.


Basic Components of an Air Compressor

Air Regulator

Gauge the amount of air being expended from the tank

Check Valve

Ensures all the air is going in one direction

Line Pressure Gauge

Measures how much air is in the hose that stores the tool with air


The biggest part of the air compressor/ holds the air until it is ready to be used

Tank Pressure Gauge

Determines how much air is available to use in the tank

Technical Terms for an Air Compressor

PSI "pounds per square inch"

Measure of how much force is being brought from the compressor to the tool

ASME "American Society
of Mechanical Engineers"

A tank that is considered an ASME certified tank has particular welding standards.

CFM "Cubic Feet per Minute"

The amount of air being brought from the compressor to the tool. Tanks with higher CFM ratings deliver more air.

By knowing the basic parts of an air compressor as well as developing awareness for the technical terms, the next time you deal with an air compressor can be an easy one.

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