Refrigerated Air Dryers

refrigerated-dryers2It is important for any compressed air system to be able to rid itself of moisture and water vapor inside the unit. Areas of the air compressed system such as the inlet air filter are common entry points for moisture. As standard air compressors often convert and magnify air to psig, the same can occur with water vapor. Failure to rid moisture from a compressed air system can result in damage to the system and costly repairs. In order to keep an air compressed system in working order, install an appropriately sized refrigerated air dryer.

  • The process of the refrigerated air dryer begins via use of an air-to-air heat exchanger
  • The air-to-air heat exchanger first cools the compressed air
  • The heat exchanger then pre-cools incoming air, which condenses the moisture and sends it to an air-to-refrigerant exchanger
  • Liquid refrigerant further cools any incoming air
  • Any remaining moisture is condensed into liquid and drained out of the system
  • Lastly, air is heated within the heat exchanger to prevent the hose pipe from sweating

When searching for the right refrigerated air dryer, keep the pressure dew point in mind. The pressure dew point is the temperature needed for water mist or vapor to condense into liquid. To assess temperature requirements and the pressure dew point class, be sure to have an equipment test performed.
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