Basic Air Compressor Parts

Air Compressor PartsDue to the wide variety of models available, selecting the right industrial air compressor can be a challenge. When choosing an industrial air compressor, keep in mind how the air compressor will be used and the location of its use. While it is always important to research and understand your air compressor’s model, it is also equally as important to understand how they work and the various parts that make up the air compressor.

  • Motor- sized according to air flow and pressure requirements, the motor ‘drives’ the compressor, providing power to produce air
  • Storage Tank- coming in a variety of sizes, the storage tank is where compressed air is held before it is used
  • Drain- prevents moisture from forming in the storage tank by discarding excess water from the tank
  • Intake Filter- removes contaminants by cleaning out dirt through an exit filter, allowing for a clean air flow to compress
  • Control Valve- regulates the required amount of air pressure


It is good to understand what constitutes an air compressor and knowledge of what each part does. This information serves to provide a more educated decision making process when it comes to purchasing your air compressor.

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