Variable Speed Air Compressors

Variable Speed Air CompressorA variable speed air compressor is an energy efficient machine that works very similar to a rotary screw compressor. As opposed to other types of air compressors, variable air compressors can provide air while using less energy and can change compression speed to use the right amount of electricity. They are useful in environments that need different levels of air for different times. Here’s how they work.

  • They start by allowing air to enter the screw compressor intake, where it goes into a smaller space through two rotating screws meshing together
  • The cavity created by the meshing is flooded with oil
  • As the screws continue to turn, the oil cools and closes any gaps during compression
  • The air and oil admixture is discharged as it is moved down from one end of the screws to the other
  • The discharged mixture is sent to a separation chamber
  • The cooled air flows into a storage tank
  • The oil is reused and returned to the air compressor

While there is an increased lifespan and reduced power usage from variable air compressors, keep in mind that these compressors also tend to be more expensive as well. Have an air audit performed to determine whether a variable air compressor would be efficient for your facility.

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