How to Choose a Filter for Your Industrial Air Compressor

air-filter2Filters are a vital asset to your industrial air compressor system. Finding the right type of filter for your industrial air compressor not only will increase your unit’s efficiency, but also lower energy and potential repair costs. Choosing a good air filter largely depends on the needs of your system and how much maintenance you are willing to invest in your unit. Here are some tips and facts that might help you get started with choosing a filter for your industrial air compressor:

  • High particulate filters operate under high temperatures and offer protection against fire in a heated desiccant dryer
  • Particulate filters are used in desiccant dryers to remove contaminants such as metal oxides, particles and scale
  • Vapor or charcoal based filters are recommended for removing organics from chemical vapors and hydrocarbons
  • Desiccant and refrigerated dryers need to use both a prefilter and afterfilter to remove aerosols from the unit
  • Coalescing filters can remove oil mist from oil flooded screw compressors
  • Automatic drain valves can eliminate liquid condensate

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