Industrial Air Compressors: Synthetic vs. Mineral Oil it comes to the debate regarding mineral oil versus synthetic oil, it is a fact that mineral oil invokes a higher cost and decreases the lifespan of your air compressor. While mineral oil is cheaper on the outset, synthetic oil provides many more benefits that can save you financial costs, and your air compressor, in the long run. Here are the advantages:

  • Synthetic oil reduces the amount of oil the compressor uses
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces the amount of maintenance required (less frequent oil changes)
  • Has significant thermal and oxidative stability (which means more hours as opposed to mineral oil)
  • Reduces deposit formation
  • Works at lower temperatures
  • Higher resistance to fire
  • Better low temperature fluidity
  • Extends your compressor’s lifespan

One of the initial disadvantages of synthetic oil is that if you used mineral oil prior to making the switch you will have to manually clean out the compressor to ensure the mineral oil is completely gone. Obtaining synthetic oil is also more expensive on the outset, giving a higher starting cost.

However, the advantages that synthetic oil has far outweighs the initial advantages mineral oil does. Whether being more environmentally friendly, cost efficient, or overall beneficial to your costs and compressor in the long run, synthetic oil is a wiser investment when it comes to using oil for your air compressor.

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