Removing Moisture with Industrial Refrigerated Air Dryers

Air DryersWhen it comes to air compressors and other industrial equipment, moisture is one of the worst issues that hinder functionality. Moisture is created by a concentration of atmospheric elements, such as water vapor. This leads to condensed air, which leads to moisture. Moisture causes issues such as corrosion, freezing, mineral and elemental deposits. Industrial refrigerated air dryers help to eliminate moisture. Here’s how:

  • Two circuits work to filter and collect water vapor, draining it from the air lines
  • Two heat exchanges are used; air-to-air and air-to-refrigerant
  • The heat exchanges condense compressed air, allowing liquid to be drained away
  • Outgoing air is warmed by air-to-heat exchanger to cool the outside of the pipes
  • High pressure refrigerant is pumped into the unit’s condenser, transferring heat to ambient air when gas is liquidized
  • Refrigerant enters the heat exchanger where hot, compressed air is absorbed, further reducing water vapor and substances

Industrial refrigerated dryers are used in settings that utilize dry, compressed air. This includes industries that use pneumatic tools and control systems.

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