The Problem of Air Compressor Moisture

DEVAIR Recriprocating Air CompressorAny moisture within an air compressor system requires close and immediate attention. Moisture buildup may be a common occurrence but it is not favorable for a variety of reasons. Moisture buildup can cause:

  • Rust
  • Poor performance
  • Limited or unable to use (frozen outside lines)
  • Mildew and mold (resulting in illness-caused bacteria)


Due to these possible complications, anyone who owns an air compressor needs to have a protocol or piece of equipment for dealing with water inside their compressor. There are preventive measures that can be taken in order to prevent moisture buildup.

These preventive measures include:

  • Using moisture separators to protect the compressor system
  • Adding an air dryer (especially for larger systems)
  • Replace filters regularly
  • Drain the air compressor’s receiver (or add a larger receiver)

A good way to prevent moisture damage to your compressor and your product is through taking precautionary steps to reduce moisture. This can be done through draining your air compressor’s receiver often or adding a larger receiver, which will cool air passively. In an environment in which the temperature is controlled, your air compressor system will be less susceptible to moisture accumulation. Having good preparation will help control moisture levels and can avoid problems caused by moisture.

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