Learning More about Compressed Air Receiver

Air CompressorsCompressed air can be a vital component in the workplace facility. Compressed air units are equipped to handle any task provided they have the necessary equipment. When it comes to dealing with large worksites, a bigger compressed air unit known as an industrial air compressor is often used. Industrial air compressors are large air-filled tanks used to decrease wear and tear on a compression module. In order for either unit to function, compressed air units require a compressed air receiver.

  • Control storage is any storage generated before any cleanup equipment and between air compressor discharge
  • Control storage can reduce pulsations from compressor discharge, effectively removing condensates and removing short cycling of compressor controls
  • Wet air receivers allow for additional storage and can reduce moisture and pressure stabilization
  • Dry air receivers are great for large air demands

With careful installation, your air receiver can work efficiently. Wet receivers need to be installed downstream or opposite of the moisture separator while dry receivers are usually installed after purification equipment. Each receiver has a manual or automatic drain that helps eliminate moisture. All receivers should be on a sturdy foundation to allow for space, keep it safe and prevent it from rusting.

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