Understanding the Parts of an Air Compressor

Air CompressorKnowing more about an air compressor before purchasing one can benefit you greatly. The type of compressor you purchase also depends on where and how it will be put to work. Understanding the parts of a compressor and their functions can be beneficial before deciding on purchasing one. 

 Name of Part

Part’s Function


The motor drives the compressor and provides the main source of power for it so that it can compress the air.

Storage Tank

Stores the compressed air until it is ready to be used. The tanks come in different sizes according to the compressor you are using.


Discards excess water from the tank by preventing moisture

Intake Filter

Cleans out dirt for air to flow and compress cleanly

Exit Filter

Removes any contaminated air in the air that is being compressed

Control value

Control air pressure in the compressor


Turns the compressor’s motor on to a minimum air pressure and will turn the motor off at a desired pressure

Once you gain more knowledge about the parts of an air compressor and their functions, your shopping experience will be a lot easier and more successful.

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