Learning How Compressed Air Works

air-compressorCompressed air is used for a variety of business types and facilities. Compressed air is used to power all different types of tools and equipment. Although compressed air has been developed decades ago, it is still used in modern times for both residential and commercial purposes. As a versatile invention, air compressors are highly needed in the industrial world. Here are some examples of what tools and equipment compressed air can power:

  • Air driven tools- paint sprayers, sanders, drills, belts, pneumatic tools
  • Automotive tools- lifts, car tires
  • Pressure washers
  • Computer fans/cleaners
  • Miniature compressed air cans

Air compressors work by pistons pushing down on a mixture of air and gasoline compressed inside a tank. The mixture is heated and ignited to produce the hot air required for power. The technology involved in industrial air compressors has been upgraded dramatically over the years. Air compressors can now be made to very specific measurements or improved on, which makes maintenance relatively low.

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