Compressor Controls for Modern Air Systems

Description: Rebuilt Air CompressorsCompressor controllers were designed to efficiently control the air flow supplied to modern manufacturing facilities.  Compressor controllers manage multiple air compressors which deliver the required air to a distribution system.  The controllers operate using rates of pressure that are predetermined to monitor and regulate the energy output.  Controllers for modern air systems are designed to implement combinations of air flow and air pressure that make the most sense economically.

With the use of these air control systems you will be able to achieve optimal and efficient energy levels which will reduce overall energy cost.  Regardless of which controller system you use there are three different types of compressors:  fixed speed, variable speed, or rotor length adjustment.

Fixed speed compressors run at one speed and unload the compressor, reducing power.  Rotor length adjustment compressors use valves which are adjustment after it is detected how much pressure is going in and out.  Variable speed control systems are used for conserving output when multiple controllers are in use to achieve higher levels of efficiency.  The varying requirements of air are able to be balanced with variable speed control. The speed of the motor and the output level to coincide with the demands of the system which will in turn change the output levels of the compressor. Variable speed control systems are most efficient when used at 20-80% capacity.

Dual speed control systems use a switch which controls pressure at the discharge point by closing off the inlet valve when higher levels are reached.  This system has the ability to connect up to a number of compressors with the use of a master compressor controller.

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