Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Air Compressor Systems

Air DryersAll businesses that utilize air compressors know that a well-maintained air compressor is an air compressor working at maximum efficiency. Proper maintenance can prevent problems and save energy and repair costs. Most air compressors have maintenance schedules and have procedures for handling each specific maintenance interval. Here are some general ideas to keep in mind and follow when it comes to maintaining an air compressor.

  • Scheduled maintenance allows for baseline measurements to be taken at regular intervals
  • Filters are often designed specifically for certain pressure ranges
  • Many units come with specific maintenance plans that must be directly followed as instructed
  • Be sure the power is ‘off’ before beginning a maintenance plan
  • Make sure all pressure in the unit is exhausted and that any source of power to the unit is locked out as well
  • Maintenance often involves a basic check of the compressor and accessories
  • Unusual vibrations or noises should be acknowledged during these checks
  • Drain excessive moisture from the tank drain valve

Failure to use preventive maintenance can lead to product contamination and lower production quality. A compressor whose pressure output is off by even 4 PSI can cost thousands of dollars in energy costs per year. A sound maintenance plan can be performed daily or weekly. Be sure to meticulously follow the compressor’s maintenance instructions to the letter.

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