Properly Maintaining an Industrial Air Compressor

Industrial air compressors are a crucial and fundamental part of the plant. With so much emphasis on the lifetime of these machines, air compressor maintenance has become key to conserving a company’s funds. When properly maintained, industrial air compression systems decrease downtime, increase production rates, and improve the quality of the air being produced. Using a professional air compressor maintenance service will reduce safety hazards and increase the reliability of the air compressor. A lot of minor problems can be attended to simply by:
  • Replace necessary parts
  • Lubricate bearings, gears, and rotor surfaces in air compressors
  • Change air lubricant separators when it reaches 10psid (2-3 psid is ideal)
  • Regularly clean air-inlet piping and heat exchanger surfaces
  • Lubricate and clean the compressor drive
  • Keep all air passages clean
  • Make sure enclosed motor fins are free of debris
  • Check and adjust belts routinely
Lack of maintenance can cause excessive energy consumption, high operating temperatures, poor moisture control, and excessive contamination. Keep in mind that all industrial air compressor equipment should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Depending on ambient conditions, it may be prudent to carry out maintenance more often than advised by compressor manufacturers. For all your air compressor needs Air Center, Inc. can help.  Air Center stocks many air compressor parts and filters for major manufacturers, designs and installs compressed air systems, and employs technicians who are able to service any compressed air equipment.