Finding the Right Air Dryer for Your Air Compressor

air-dryers2Pneumatics is a form of industrial technology which utilizes pressurized gas in order to work. Pneumatic machines and tools rely on air compressors in order to work. Unfortunately, air compressors often content with moisture issues known as condensate, or unwanted water vapor.

However, air dryers can help air compressors remove that unwanted water vapor in order to keep the unit working properly. A properly working unit gets the job done with less maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. Here are some facts about finding the right air dryer for your air compressor:

  • There are three basic types of air dryers
  • The most common type of air dryer uses refrigeration methods to cool down the air supply, condensing water vapor into liquid that can be easily drained
  • Another type of air dryer, known as a desiccant dryer, passes compressed air through a pressure vessel containing an absorbent material such as silica gel, which traps water vapor and keeps it out of the system
  • Membrane type air dryers use a dehumidification membrane, which rids compressed air of water vapor as it is being produced. No maintenance is required aside from changing the cartridge once or twice a year and often designed for continuous 24 hour use

Regardless of the type of air dryer you use, investing in an air dryer can help your air compressor immensely. Take the time to research and find out the best type of air dryer for your unit. Consulting a licensed professional to evaluate and help you find the best air dryer for your air compressor is a wise choice for those who know little about the units they own.

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