Getting the Right Filter for Your Industrial Air Compressor

Industrial Air CompressorAn industrial air compressor filter is needed whenever dealing or working with compressed air. When it comes to compressed air, one is also handling the vapor, moisture, and any airborne contaminants as well. Being able to choose the right kind of filter depends on the maintenance desired as well as system requirements. There are many different types of industrial air compressors available, and with that comes different types of filters. Here are some examples of various kinds of filters:

  • High particulate- used in high temperature situations and protects against fire in heated desiccant dryers
  • Particulate filters- removes scale, metal oxides and desiccant particles
  • Vapor and charcoal filters- removes organics from water vapors and hydrocarbons

When it comes to industrial air compressors, preventive maintenance should always be high priority. Microbes, mold, fungus and other contaminants pose both a health risk as well as risk affecting the unit. Poor maintenance will lead to costly repairs and can even risk injury or illness due to malfunctioning equipment and unclean air.

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