Choosing a Filter for Your Industrial Air Compressor

Filters are an important component for your industrial air compressor system to remove contaminants and purify the air in the system.  Choosing the right type of filter depends on the requirements of your system and the maintenance you wish to complete.  Finding the right filter for your industrial air compressor can help increase the efficiency of your unit.  It will also lower your energy costs and protect your employees from harmful particles and chemicals. 

Types of Compressors and Filters

  • Oil Flooded Screw Compressors – highly reliable yet require a proper filter to remove contaminants, oil, and dust.
  • Coalescing Filters – removes dust, oil, mist, and liquid condensates from the air.

  • Aerosol Filtration – removes liquid condensates from the air such as dust, oil, and water, and aerosol filtration is usually placed upstream of the compressed air dryer in order to maximize efficiency. They are also placed downstream at each point of us in order to remove the absorbent fines from the desiccant dryers and water vapor from the refrigerated dryers.
  • High Particulate Filter – operates at high temperatures and offers a high level of protection against fire in a heated desiccant dryer.
  • Particulate Filters – use charcoal or desiccants to remove vapor, dust, metal oxides, desiccant particles, and organic particles in the air.

If you are thinking about buying an industrial air compressor to power tools and operate machinery in your factory or construction environment, then getting some knowledge from the experts at Air Center Inc. is a great place to start.