Different Types of Industrial Compressed Air Dryers and their Uses

air-dryer4As compressed air dryers are used in many different types of plants and industries, there are just as many different types of compressed air dryers out there. Compressed air dryers are all used for the same purpose, removing water and other pollutants from the compressed air. Without a compressed air dryer, the unit can easily malfunction. Water in compressed air systems can corrode valves, pipes, and even freeze outdoor airlines. As a result, it is very important to consider having an air dryer if your business utilizes an industrial compressed air dryer. Here are some facts about a few of the different types of industrial compressed air dryers available:

  • Refrigerated air dryers cool incoming hot air using cool air produced and increase the temperature of outgoing air to prevent condensation
  • Deliquescent dryers use powder at the bottom, which absorbs water and turns it into liquid, emptying the contents and inserting a new tablet afterward
  • Some industrial compressed air dryers use either a single or multiple stage process for drying the air
  • Power types vary for compressed air dryers, including AC single or three phase or DC power
  • There are also Internal Heat Reaction, Heatless, No Purge Loss, Heat of Compression (HOC) and Desiccant type air dryers as well

With the many types of industrial compressed air dryers available on the market, it is important to do extensive research beforehand to determine which air dryer type best suits your industrial air compressor unit. Consult with a licensed professional who can assist you with determining the best air dryer for your facility’s needs.

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