Types of Condensate Drains

condensate-drainA condensate drain is a necessary component of a compressed air system because it disposes of potentially harmful condensates in a safe way. Condensates form from the cooling of moisture in the air system, and must be drained properly and regularly. If the condensate is not drained, water vapor and other contaminants would not be properly removed via refrigerated air dryers or mist eliminators.  
A type of condensate drains are timed electric drains.

  • Programmed to drain condensates at specific time intervals
  • Designed to discharge condensates at pressure ratings as high as 720psi
  • Knobs adjust the open time and duration between cycles
  • Valve-open lights display operating conditions 
  • A motorized ball valve is also used for timing  

Another type of condensate drain is an automatic drain trap, or float drain. Float drains operate without electricity and discharge both clean and heavy emulsion condensates. They are compact in size and automatic, saving energy and space.

  • After drains discharge the condensate, oil and water separators are used to reduce hazardous waste  
  • Oil and water separators siphon out materials such as mineral oils, semi-synthetic lubricants, synthetic lubricants, 24KT fluids, and polyglycols  
  • Lubricants are trapped in these systems, allowing water to pass through.

Draining condensates are one of the most important aspects when dealing with industrial air compressor maintenance. Not only will a well drained system function more smoothly, but it will also save you valuable time and money.

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