Industrial Air Compressor Condensate Management

Anyone who owns an air compressor understands the importance of properly maintaining their machine.  A crucial tool in this process is a condensate management system. So long as these systems are functional, they are very important components of all air compressor systems because they separate the small amount of oil from the condensate that gathers in the air compressors.  This allows the caretakers of the air compressor to perform simple, ecological, and economical disposal of any leftover waste.

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Why You Need to Manage Your Condensates

Oil, water vapor, oxides, and other micro particles run through your entire compressor system along with the air you are trying to compress. These contaminants can cause harm to the internal parts of your system, such as rust, ruptures, and clogging. You need to remove these contaminants from your system through filters or dryers.

Disposing of Your Contaminants

In order to properly dispose of your condensates, you will need to reduce them down to the legal limits. Many separators automatically reduce oil to legal limits, but it is still necessary to check with your local municipality to determine what their individual legal limit is.

In the past, people would use a waste management company to come and remove collected condensate from their site.  Today there are a number of different types of condensate management systems which can used independently within a company, and can separate almost any compressor fluid from the condensate.  This allows the 98% of the condensate that is solely water to be disposed on site.  The small percentage of remaining oil can then be collected and recycled, or disposed of at a much cheaper rate than what was possible before.
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