Two-stage versus Single-stage Air Compressors

air-compressor26All air compressors features a number of compression cylinders incorporated into their units. Some are ‘single-stage’ air compressors, or only feature a single piston while others are two stage air compressors. Regardless of whether an air compressor has one or two pistons, all air compressors have the same basic parts. However, these air compressors work differently depending on their type. Here is how single-stage and two-stage air compressors differ:

  • Single-stage compressors require little maintenance
  • Choosing an oil-less type single-stage compressor is actually a very long lasting unit
  • Unfortunately, single stage air compressors have an output that is limited to just below 125 PSI
  • Two-stage air compressors actually work the same as a single-stage but have two actuating pistons as opposed to only one
  • Two-stage air compressors require more maintenance due to there being more parts involved
  • Two-stage air compressors have a higher output and generate less heat, ensuring a longer working life

Regardless of whether you are interested in a single or two-stage air compressor, you need to do research to find the right unit that works for your facility. A licensed contractor can help you determine the ideal unit to best fit your needs.

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