All About Compressed Air Receivers

Description: air receivers are air storage tanks that work with compressed air systems in order to improve their performance. These receivers function in many ways, such as:

  • Stabilizing pressure
  • Regulates and responds to pressure output
  • Dampens pressure pulses
  • Separating liquids from air stream

Compressed air systems and receivers are often used in factories and assembly lines to aid in building products or operating tools. Since air compressor systems come in a wide variety such as high pressure, dental or portable, receiver types also come in a variety, including wet and dry and vertical/horizontal. Some examples include:

  • Vertical Receivers: come in leg support, ring base and horizontal forms
  • Pump Mount: smaller and made with flat tops to mount the motor and compressor
  • Remote Receivers: bigger units with separate installation
  • Dry Receivers: typically larger, placed in the air dryer and filtration

Be sure to conduct routine maintenance as this ensures the air system will work efficiently. Ideally hire a technician to perform simple tests such as air audits and the hydro test.

Try to install compressed air receivers indoors since the elements can compromise important gauges and valves. Dry receivers need to be installed after the air drying equipment while wet receivers need to be installed in front of/downstream the dryers and filtration. Be sure the pressure gauges are big enough to see and keep receivers on a foundation in order to stave off ruse and keep them dry.

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