Refrigerated Air Dryers

What is a Refrigerated Air Dryer?
A refrigerated air dryer is a device used to remove moisture from a compressed air system.  If the system contains moisture, it can cause damage to the equipment that will amount to costly repairs.  Installing a refrigerated air dryer to be used with your compressed air system can solve the problem of moisture.
The water contained in compressed air comes in different forms.  These forms include liquid water, mist, and gas or vapor.  A general purpose filter can be used to remove almost all of the liquid water, but the remaining water is removed by a refrigerated air dryer.
By using a refrigerated air dryer you can prevent the contamination of equipment located downstream from the compressor.  Water contamination can cause parts to fail and therefore lead to the need for costly repairs.

How Does a Refrigerated Air Dryer Work?
An air-to-air heat exchanger is first used to cool the compressed air.  The heat exchanger for a refrigerated air dryer condenses small amounts of moisture by pre-cooling incoming air.  The air is then cooled by using a liquid refrigerant in an air-to-refrigerant exchanger.  The remaining moisture is then condensed into a liquid and then drained out of the system.

What to Look for in a Refrigerated Air Dryer

An important factor when looking for a refrigerated air dryer is the pressure dew point.  The pressure dew point is the required temperature for water mist to condense into liquid.  A test of your equipment is needed to calculate your pressure dew point temperature requirements.
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