Air Compressors: The Choice between Single Stage and Two-Stage

Description: DEVAIR Recriprocating Air CompressorAir compressors are one of the tools that prove as useful and versatile in the workshop.  These machines can be used in a variety of ways including impact wrenches, airbrush painting, nail guns, etc.  The decision of which air compressor to select can often be a challenge.  Factors to be considered when selecting an air compressor include maximum pressure needed, duration of operation, and expected life of the compressor.

When Should I Use a One-Stage Air Compressor?
Uses that require 125 psi or less can usually be handled by a single stage compressor.  This type of air compressor pulls air into a chamber and then reducing the volume of the chamber, which compresses the air.  Single stage compresses are ideal for uses where the duration of operation is short such as the inflation of tires or periodic use of an impact wrench.  Single stage compressors may be less cost effective over time if the application requires a lot of use.

When Should I use a Two-Stage Air Compressor?

A two-stage compressor is needed for applications requiring greater than 125 psi.  This type of compressor works the same way as the single stage with one main difference, the air is cool before being compressed a second time in the second stage.  When the demand for air is high over a large period of time a two-stage air compressor is ideal.  Because the air is more compressed with this type of compressor, it allows for more air to be stored in the same space.

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