Some Air Compressor Emergencies and the Proper Ways to Handle Them

When using an industrial air compressor on the worksite or in a factory, you’re probably going to run into an emergency every now and then. From break downs to malfunctions, air compressor emergencies are something that will have to be dealt with. Handling them in the proper way is the most crucial aspect when dealing with some of these breakdowns, and learning more about your industrial air compressor is the best way to start.

Preventative Maintenance

Performing routine, preventative maintenance on certain areas of your industrial air compressor will help solve problems before they occur. Some common places to check or functions to examine are:

  • Gauges – Making sure they are giving the correct readings at all times is important
  • Hoses – Checking for leaks routinely will help keep air pressure high. Listen for hissing sounds and check for lapses in pressure to make sure there aren’t any holes. Also, a good test is to take a light solution of soapy water and place it on the areas you think might have a leak. If bubbles start to form, then there is a leak in the line.
  • Hose Reels – Making sure the reels for each hose work will allow for multiple tools to function with the machine properly.
  • Pressure Tank – Similarly to the hoses, check for any leakage from the tank itself. Also check for structural damage such as dents or open parts as this may cause irregularities in the pressure inside the tank.

Handling Emergencies

To prevent anything hazardous from happening during an emergency, immediately shut off your machine. Perform the above maintenance steps to figure out where the malfunction is occurring. Use replacement parts where necessary and ensure that they are correctly installed to prevent the same issue from happening again.

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