Latest Trends and Technology in Air Compressor Systems

air-compressor5Air compressors come in all different sizes and types so the first step to selecting an air compressor is figuring out which type is best for you.  Before the selection is made, it is important to inquire about the model differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

You will also need to keep in mind that air compressors require maintenance.  To ensure that your air compressor is running smoothly and efficiently you should subscribe for air audits.  Air audits are a service provided by companies that are specialists in offering air compressor maintenance services. 

It can also be helpful to compare the costs of different brands.  Kaeser is one of the most trusted brands, but there are also other reputable names to look into.  Choosing a brand with a good reputation helps insure that you do not incur too many extra maintenance costs.

You will also need to determine what the air compressor will be used for.  If you need something for residential applications such as filling the tires or spraying paint then you need an electric air compressor.  This type of air compressor would not be ideal for an industrial setting, but has enough power for various home jobs.

Another level of air compressors is the commercial level.  These compressors are not as portable as their electric counterparts, but they are more powerful.  These compressors also run for a longer time without needing a refill.

Industrial air compressors are another level.  They are similar to commercial ones, but tend to be bigger in size.  They are also easier to maintain.

Warranty is another issue to consider when searching for an air compressor.  Good brands come with a longer warranty as the manufacturers are confident in their products.

For all of your air compressor needs Air Center, Inc. will be able to help.  Air Center stocks many air compressor parts and filters for major manufacturers, designs and installs compressed air systems, and employs technicians who are able to service any compressed air equipment.