Getting a Customized Industrial Air Compressor

Air CompressorCompressed air is one of the best sources of energy when it comes to powering equipment and machinery. In order to utilize compressed air in large industrial settings, you will need an industrial sized air compressor. While many types of industrial air compressors are readily available, opting for a customized unit may end up being the best option for you.  There are several options when it comes to industrial air compressors.

  • Positive Air Placement
  • Dynamic Type Machine- automatically increases air pressure and elevates air to higher pressure
  • Rotary Air Compressors- use two rotors that internally compresses air within the system
  • Rotary compressors contain no valves and are oil cooled, requiring proper maintenance steps to run efficiently
  • Dynamic Air Compressors- produces high amount of air pressure through a rotating impeller device
  • Dynamic air compressors allow for a high capacity of air to flow continuously and are built oil-free

The above examples are just a few of the many types of industrial air compressors available on the market. Customized air compressors allow you to mix and match the features you wish in your air compressor, such as drying, cooling, and expulsion systems to name a few.  Do your homework in the product you are looking into from an established, reputable air compressor dealer.

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