Recovering Heat Lost by your Air Compressor

Figure 1. Ducting routes heat into the plant in the winter, out the roof in the Converted through electrical energy, air compressors can be a great source of heat. With increasing electric costs, recovering air compressor heat is vital when it comes to running an efficient air system. There are different ways air compressors serve to retain and recover heat.

  • The screw compressor can help recover heat, with dissipated heat from the fluid cooler and aftercooler and radiated heat from the drive motor. The drive motor can recover 9% heat while the compressed air aftercooler can recover 13%.
  • HVAC ductwork and controls can help redirect heat by allowing warm air from compressors to provide or remove heat
  • PTG water heating systems can redirect heat by automatically directing the flow of water through standard fluid cooler if minimal hot water is needed
  • SWT water heating systems have a heat transfer medium fitted between adjacent tubes, ensuring constant compressor cooling whether hot water is needed or not

The transference of heat to a compartment is generally the guiding principle when it comes to heat recovery. With the many of methods of recovering heat, you can help your building or facility run better from the recovered heat. This includes primary heating, improving oil burner efficiency, acting as air curtains or drying air for washing or spray painting.

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