All About Compressed Air Receivers

DEVAIR Reciprocating Air CompressorsWhat is a Compressed Air Receiver?

An air receiver is a tank filled with air that is suggested to be a part of all compressed air systems.  They serve many purposes such as decreasing wear and tear on a compression module, getting rid of pulsations from a discharge line, separating moisture, giving extra storage for compensating surges in compressed air usage, and reducing energy costs.  They can be found in different forms and range in color, size, specialty, etc.

What is Control Storage?

Control storage is an important function of a compressed air system.  Its main purpose is to optimize the effective operation of the compressor control.  It is essentially any storage generated between the onset of air compressor discharge and before any cleanup equipment.  Control storage overlaps in its purpose with demand storage, but it differs in the location of the storage and its usefulness.  Compressed air design systems often combine features of both control and demand storage to enhance effectiveness.

What are the Two Locations of Air Receivers?

There are two types of air receivers, wet and dry.  Wet receivers are great for additional storage and reducing moisture.  Removing moisture downgrades the load on filters and dryers.  Wet receivers refer to a storage tank placed right after the compressor.  Dry receivers, on the other hand, are good for when large air demands pop up unexpectedly.  The size of an air receiver depends on air usage, as well as compressor style.

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