Green Air Compressor Technology

Description: Air DryersGreen air compressors represent a significant advancement in air compressor technology.  These compressors use less fuel and have lower emissions levels compared to traditional models.  These advancements mean long-term savings as well as a healthier environment.  These green compressors often contain some aluminum, which is more environmentally-friendly and also makes them lighter. 

A green air compressor is likely to feature an “air-on-demand” variable-speed throttle that adjusts the engine speed to meet the air demand.  This means that less fuel is wasted and emissions are lowered because less time is spent idling.  Green air compressors output air at 70 to 150 cfm and 175 psi.  Because of the more sophisticated drive these models are typically more expensive.  Also, at full load a variable-speed compressor may be less efficient than a constant-speed compressor.  As a result, green air compressors make more sense for times where the compressor will not be required to run at more than 80% capacity most of the time. 

Some green air compressors also are equipped with an Unload Mode that reduces strain when the air demand is zero.  Some also feature a Stand-By Mode that allows the compressor to rest when there has been no air demand for a period of time.  These features serve to reduce fuel use and wear and tear on the units. 

Green air compressors can be belt-driven or hydraulic-driven and come in a variety of sizes, so finding a model to suit your needs is easy.  If you are looking for an air compressor that is better for the environment or one that costs less to run and may last longer than a traditional compressor, and are not turned off by the potentially higher initial price tag, you may want to consider a green air compressor.

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