On-The-Job Air Compressor Emergencies

Air CompressorThere is always the chance of an air compressor breaking down. These breakdowns are hazardous to you, your company and your equipment. Anyone operating around an air compressor should be aware of how to handle these emergency situations
Common problems include:

  • Too much pressure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Leakage
  • Tears
  • Water vapor and oil buildup

Not only are these situations hazardous, but they can also result in costly financial problems that can run a company thousands of dollars a year. As with most problems involving your industrial air compressor, preventative maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that you keep those problems to a minimum.
These preventive measures include:

  • Checking your valves and gauges routinely
  • Manage your condensates
  • Ensure anyone handling the air compressor is qualified
  • Ensure your PSI readings are on level with the manufacturer’s recommendations

On the job accidents and malfunctions are some of the worst things to happen in the workplace. Knowledge and prevention serve to help prevent these mishaps from occurring.
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