Proper Maintenance for Your Industrial Air Compressor

air-compressor24A large industrial air compressor is a valuable asset to the workplace when running on optimal efficiency. However, in order to make sure that air compressor is running at it’s very best, it needs regularly scheduled maintenance. While routine maintenance might seem cumbersome, doing so can help save the costs of repairs and replacement equipment down the road. Here are some ways you can ensure your industrial air compressor is properly maintained:

  • Check valves and gages
  • Drain moisture traps
  • Release built-up water in the receiver tank
  • Inspect safety guards, valves and hoses for leaks
  • Replace air intake filters on a weekly basis
  • Wipe down compressor and coolers
  • Blow out any dust or debris buildup in the compressor and cooler
  • Check for any air leaks
  • Have the belt tension inspected every month

Having regularly scheduled maintenance is key to maintaining an industrial air compressor. Some of this maintenance needs to be on a weekly basis while others can be monthly or bi-annually. Be sure your maintenance is up to date in order to keep your unit running smoothly.