Making Your Compressed Air System as Energy Efficient as Possible

air-compressor16Air compressor systems are used in industrial settings to perform a variety of tasks. Since air compressors can use a lot of energy, it works to an advantage to try to make a compressed air system as energy efficient as possible. This not only helps conserve energy, but also serves to cut costs and can even serve as an eco-friendly way to conduct business. Here are some ways businesses can help make their compressed air systems as energy efficient as possible:

  • List all air applications, including their cfm, design and pressure in order to determine the power consumption before making any system alterations
  • Keep track of any leaks. Leaks are easy to find since they are audible
  • Have all necessary repairs addressed, beginning with the largest air leaks first
  • Install a flow meter on the main line
  • Install an isolation valve to every parcel of machinery or equipment
  • Install flow monitors and added gauges

It is best to try and improve the energy efficiency of compressed air systems in order to optimize business operations for the long term. Not only will expenses be cut from energy expenses but also maintenance and repair costs as well. Be sure to take the steps to make your compressed air systems energy efficient today.

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