Simple Solutions for Frequent Problems with Industrial Air Compressors

DEVAIR Recriprocating Air CompressorThere are numerous businesses that deal with a substantial amount of work which requires an industrial air compressor. This compressor needs to be able to last the duration of a job and work smoothly and efficiently. A good running compressor can allow a task to be completed quickly and successfully.

If you have an air compressor that you suspect is broken or is not working as well as it should, fixing it should be a relatively easy and simple process. By addressing the problem when it first occurs, you are not only saving yourself the burden and hassle of finding another compressor immediately, but you can also save money since the problem is still small and easier to fix. Some common problems with industrial air compressors and simple solutions on how to fix them are:  



Too Much Oil In the Discharge

Too much oil in the discharge of your air compressor is due to leaking oil lines or a blocked filter. To fix this, replace the clogged filter or tighten the bolts around the gasket to prevent oil leakage

Fuse That Constantly Blows Out

A blown out fuse can be due to an incorrectly sized fuse in the motor of the compressor. To fix this, check the fuse that is being used and if it is the wrong size, turn off the machine immediately and prevent any further usage since this may cause overloading

Compressor is Overheating

An industrial air compressor that becomes too hot too often can be due to poor ventilation. To fix this problem, check the oil levels in your compressor and blow out all filters

By routinely inspecting your industrial air compressor, many of these problems can become preventable and your compressor will operate competently and positively. If the previously mentioned solutions do not fix your compressor immediately, it is best to do further research on the problem to prevent yourself from spending more money than necessary on its repair.

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