Advantages of Centrifugal Air Compressors

air-compressor3When choosing an air compressor it is important to pick one that is powerful enough to meet your needs or those of your business.  To do this you should take into account and air compressor’s airflow and pressure.

What are the Three Main Types of Air Compressors?

  • Rotary Screw
  • Reciprocating and Centrifugal
  • Dynamic Compressors

What is a Centrifugal Air Compressor?

A centrifugal air compressor is a dynamic system.  A dynamic compressor increases air pressure using impellers (rotating disks) as well as a diffused to convert velocity energy to pressure energy.  It has the advantage of being an oil-free air compressing system.  Stages are used to increase the pressurization of the air to the desired level, driven by an electric motor or a steam or gas turbine.  The use of stages means that the compressed air stays cooler and that the air compressor is more efficient.  These compressors usually operate at a high minimum speed and are capable of running continuously for long periods of time.  Centrifugal air compressors are often found in manufacturing plants, automobiles, and in gas, oil, and refining industries.  These systems are a great fit for industrial settings.  They also tend to be low maintenance because they have few wearing parts.  These compressors initially have a high cost but the cost is generally made up for over time.

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