Ways to Reduce Your Compressed Air Costs

Description: Service vehicles and technicianEnergy is the most expensive element in the use of compressed air.  Over the course of time, energy may cost you more than the initial cost of the compressor itself.  But just because energy is a big cost when it comes to compressed air it does not mean that there are not ways to cut back on this expense and save your company some money.

What are Ways to Reduce Costs?

  • Turn Compressor off – turning the air compressor off for nights and weekends is one way to reduce energy bills.
  • Fix Any/All Leaks – make sure you inspect your compressor on a regular basis.  Even a small leak can waste money.
  • Keep Pipes Dry and Clean – keeping pipes dry and clean helps give you good air quality pressure.
  • Ensure Corrosion Does Not Build up in Pipes – dust or sludge buildup causes corrosion and therefore increases leaks.
  • Run Compressor at the Proper Pressure – make sure you are not turning up the pressure to make up for a leak.
  • Keep up with Maintenance – keeping up with maintenance can prevent breakdowns and cut down on energy costs.

For more ways to cut back on costs or for information on air compressor maintenance it is recommended to seek out experts in the field.

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