Condensate Filters: Do You Need One?

condensate-filter2Condensate filters are an excellent addition to an air compressor. Although a condensate filter is not required, these units can prove to be a great benefit. Air compressors often contend with condensate, or water vapor, which can result in damages overtime. This includes pipe lines freezing, corrosion of materials, and hefty repair costs. Condensate filters work to remove condensate from your system in a simple manner in order to provide relief from having to manually drain the unit. Here are some facts about condensate filters and how they work to help you decide whether or not you need one:

  • Condensate filters ensure toxic contaminants are safely separated for easy condensate management
  • The filtration unit attaches to one of the compressor’s blow-downs, causing the air pressure to push out water droplets and hazardous chemicals
  • The filter catches oils and hazardous debris, resulting in a container full of safe water that can be disposed of in any drain
  • Filters must be periodically changed and properly disposed of via hazardous material handling protocols
  • Condensate filters protect operators while providing safe HAZMAT handling in an expensive manner

Condensate filters are largely a personal choice, however they can provide a great aid for your air compressor unit and maintenance. If you are interested in a condensate filter, be sure to contact a professional who can examine your air compressor and determine the right condensate filter for your needs.

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