Choosing the Right Industrial Air Compressor

Compressed air is considered to be one of the best sources for powering up large equipment in industrial or construction-based settings. Large, industrial sized air compressor units take in large amounts of air and compress it down to a high pressure, expelling it through a pneumatic hose that goes into different tools in order to power them.

Due to the expensive nature of purchasing an industrial air compressor, it is important to do research and choose a model that works for you and your business. One of the first factors that need to be kept in mind is the amount of pressure, or PSI (pounds per square inch), that is produced by the unit. Every tool attached to the industrial air compressor requires a different PSI level, so be sure that the unit you pick out produces the necessary PSI for all your equipment.

CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is another important measurement that needs consideration. This measures the amount of air moving through the compressor unit. If you plan on having multiple tools run at the same time by the same unit, you will need a higher CFM in order to keep the PSI going to each tool at optimal level.

Aside from maintaining measurements and ensuring they are up to par, you will also need to take maintenance of the machine into account. One of the largest problems industrial air compressors face are condensates that form inside the system. In order to remove these condensates, a dryer is necessary, making the addition a key aspect to consider when purchasing a unit.

Another aspect of maintenance you should consider is the type of filter that will be used. Air filters remove airborne micro particles from the system such as water vapor, oil, dirt and other contaminants. Also, whether you prefer your unit to be run by either gas or electricity is another factor. Keep in mind gas-powered machines should only be used in well ventilated areas.

Be sure to take all of these considerations in mind when it comes to choosing the right industrial air compressor. Of course, purchase your unit from an established, credible air compressor dealer. Their expertise and knowledge can help you select the right system for your needs.