Reciprocating Air Compressors

When one thinks of a reciprocating air compressor, they generally pull to mind the old portable compressors that were common tag a longs to power tools. The governor on these traditionally compressors was quite simplistic; they generally only had two main gears. These consisted of an idling gear where the compressor was on and running. There was also a high gear. This gear was engaged when the compressor was actually being used to power a tool or other accessory.

Today's reciprocating air compressors are not too different from these earlier models, though their construction, longevity and other aspects have certainly improved with time. Reciprocating air compressors are also referred to as piston compressors. These units use a piston that moves in a vertical motion, and a crankshaft that moves the piston up and down. The motion of the pistons and the crankshaft are what provides the gaseous materials at a high rate of pressure.

The reciprocating air compressor uses the pistons as the main components to compress the air. As the piston moves in an up and down vertical motion, the air is pushed into a compartment. As the amount of the air increases in the compartment, the pressure on the air builds up. The denser the air becomes, the greater the pressure. When the correct pressure is reached, then it is ready for use.

Compressors are used in a large variety of applications. Oil refineries, factories, and machine shops all have a use for air compressors. For those looking to purchase a compressor, there are a few factors to consider. The first thing that must be determined is how many cubic feet per minute you need for the application you intend to use the compressor for. After this has been determined, then you can start shopping for the ideal air compressor.

There are a variety of reciprocating air compressors to choose from. The air tank size and the number and size of the cylinders are two things that offer a number of different options. Do you need a more portable compressor, or is a larger stand-alone compressor more suited to the environment in which you will be working?. There are also multi-stage units available on the market. These offer multiple cylinders that can compress the air to an even higher density than the single cylinder units.